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Holdy Tours offers you a person to person experience to create a unique trip of a lifetime, removing the complexity and stress of making it happen. We will stay beside you every step of the way - from international pre-travel requirements and transportation to preparing  tailor-made itineraries, our experts are committed to provide you with the best deals in the industry and personalized travel plans at no extra cost.

Whether you are planning a vacation, attending a conference or traveling with a group, our travel consultants will offer expert insight, guidance and peace of mind. Our long tradition of personal service has made us one of the most trusted travel companies specialized in South America.


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If your plan is to travel to any destination in Latin America, this is the right place to start your trip.


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We are a family business with South American roots with a passion to share our love for our land and culture with our clients. We care about our customers. Our subject matter expertise along with our strategic partnerships and personalized service are combined to create memorable and unique trips specially customized for you.

Customer care is of utmost importance to us. Our elite travel advisors are available in person, email or phone to assist and advise before, during and after your trip to ensure a successful travel experience.


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From tours and packages to flights and hotels, with Holdy Tours you will find everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.


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